We’re Live!

Welcome to the wonderful crazy comic world of Moving Comic Factory!

Moving Comic Factory is live! Wow, finally a place to put all kinds of comic art related content under one roof!

Not just for kids anymore, comics have been used since early Colonial days in England and throughout Europe, to Asia and beyond to illustrate politics turmoils, bad foreign trade deals and much more. Graduating to sequential panels as well as free form visual storytelling, in singular one-off panels, comics and their wonderful stories have enthralled us all.

I’m excited to delve deep into the weird and wild world that revolves around that unique and gleefully twisted form of story telling that is comics. The business of comic arts, whether indie, underground, main stream hero, or any other narrative now has the ability to bring those stories to an audience. Let’s all clap slowly and joyfully for On Demand Printing, Crowd Sourcing, and much more fulfilment processes that used to be closed to many. The doors (or barriers) to getting printed are now fling completely open! So has the juggernaut of a necessary evil that goes with that; Marketing. Ha! Whoever said that Freedom comes with Responsibility was damn spot on right!

My Graphic Novel, is underway. Actually its been under way for while. It’s a lot, but one day a good story hopefully will see the light. Yes, my “Ivory Tower” is where I usually trip to (mentally), and ONLY after morning coffee. (I think there’s intelligence seeds from some mysterious factory deep in the jungle.) However, the gears are turning, interest is growing, as well as polishing of the saga is also underway. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are graphic novels!

Some fun handmade small driftwood and print cut outs of the main characters, soon to be video animated as a promo trailer. More on this, stay tuned!

“Smart of semi smart ideas and Musings on the world of Comics”.

for training purposes only, we hope.

A great Biblical level comic art illustrated book that everyone interested in producing comics should be Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, available on Amazon and other online stores.


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